New kid on the block?

So…the first good post? Tricky one. Like many others I have started this blog to track my progress in teaching myself to sew, knit and make stuff! If nothing else I hope to look back at these first few posts in a few years and say ‘Wow I am so much better now than I was then!’. Hopefully some other people will also read and enjoy this blog just as I enjoy reading others blogs. I read so many now that it’s actually hard to get in much book reading!

When I first started thinking about writing a blog (and named it), I was knitting, knitting, knitting. Since then I have upgraded to knitting, sewing, knitting….here’s a sum up of past projects:a5f24a7e-9348-4734-91a1-a9de9462ea22wallpaperFrom top left, clockwise: Wool and the Gang’s Diana top, Baby Ella Blanket &  Baby booties, Wool and the Gang’s Woolitz & Mary Sweater.baa3e305-4915-4acd-bc4c-2c5caefc5072wallpaperWool and the Gang’s Zion Lion for Kids x 4!
The hats were put to good use by these little monkeys over a cold Christmas season..ca6ccb57-3d29-4dfc-a8f0-089133c05137wallpaperFrom top left, clockwise: Isabella wearing Wool and the Gang’s Zion Lion for Kids, Julietta wearing Wool and the Gang’s Zion Lion for Kids, Julietta and Rory having a stand off.807678b5-a076-49a4-9795-855f3069e5cdwallpaperFrom top left, clockwise: Wool and the Gang’s Sugar Ray Mittens, Wool and the Gang’s Snood dog for kids, Wool and the Gang’s Tala tank top & the beginnings of my stash.
Well that’s a selection…I have been pretty busy…but I think that’s enough for one post. Next one will be sewing projects!

If anyone is reading this please let me know if you know of any decent collage-making websites. I have tried a few today but I only want simple, clean-looking plain collages and I want to upload pictures from my computer and from Instagram.

Any help would be welcome!!

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