B&W Coco

Hurray….one project off my list completed!

I had a lovely Easter break at home with my family; very chilled, too much food and even an Easter egg hunt! I also managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing.

Last week when I posted my ‘sewing to do list’, several of the items on the list were already cut out and ready to go. One of these was destined to be a Tilly and the Buttons Coco Top for my sister.


The fabric is a ponte jersey from Fabric Godmother. The fabric is perfect for the Tilly and the Buttons Coco, I have made myself one in the same fabric, but sadly its very subject to piling.

This will be my third Coco, so it came together pretty fast, and is definitely the best of the three. I used my twin needle for the cuffs and hem and around the neck and I think I finally have the got it cracked…usually it gives me a lot of grief.

Nothing else really worth mentioning so here it is…modelled by my beautiful sister.


and another just for kicks (because who doesn’t get their pogo stick out at Easter?).


Now on with the rest of my list!




One thought on “B&W Coco”

  1. Hi Amy, love your coco, just had to pop by and say Hi, when I saw you were also in the middle of nowhere (Telford), lovely to know there is a someone close by who shares similar hobbies, all the best Jennie

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