Catch up!

Well, it’s been a while! Since my last post in August, I have pretty much been prepping for Christmas! Seriously, starting in August sounds a bit crazy but my mum has moved to Spain and I needed presents etc. to go with her when she took her car over in November, as I would be flying over for Christmas and therefore not able to carry much. That brought everything forward by quite a lot!!

Also, between Christmas prep, we put an offer on a house (didn’t get it :(), decorated our hall, got some new windows fitted, got a new gas fire fitted, got new garden fence panels in and painted, helped with packing up my parents place, both got a promotion, spent a lot of time visiting Darren’s brother in hospital (he’s better now!), and spent Christmas and new year in Spain! I think this explains the lack of blogging!!

So I will not bore you by trying to give details of everything I made over this time, we will just have a quick photo overview! Sorry in advance – these are all camera phone photos.

face (2 of 1)  Advent calendar for my mum using the Purl Soho Pattern/Kit. This was a LOT of hand sewing but I started it early enough that I got to really enjoy it rather than doing my usual panicked/rushed sewing!

My sister and I made hampers as Christmas gifts this year! It was a LOT of work! Each hamper had a selection of Jams, Chutneys, Alcohols, a mini Christmas cake and a mini Christmas pudding, as well as a few sweet things!

Darren and I made a cute coat/jewellery hanger for my sister’s birthday!

face (31 of 1)

I made my first quilt! It was a Christmas present for my great Aunt – only unfinished photos as the moment – sorry! Another Purl Soho make – I love all their projects!

There was making the Christmas Crackers..

then Christmas cakes and puddings.

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We finished decorating the second guest bedroom – and made these cool bedside lamps and tables! The tutorial for these can be found here.

face (29 of 1).jpg

The GORGEOUS house that we didn’t get…<sob>.

We changed and re-painted our fence panels!

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Christmas decorating!

and some last minute Christmas presents for my cousins!

I spent Christmas with my family in Spain – even then there was no rest as there was still unpacking to be done and some DIY:

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We did an Ikea hack to make my mum a badly needed kitchen island!

So a very busy second half of 2015!! It ended on a high though…

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Roll on 2016 – I think I’m ready for you!