Battling the Stash

I’m back! I think I just have to accept that my blogging is going to be sporadic and patchy at best! Things just pile up and writing a blog falls to the bottom of the list. Not that I don’t enjoy it, when I start writing one its really enjoyable!

Anyway, its a quiet Sunday at home and Pretty Little Liars is on in the background (my new obsession, its awful but addictive; please don’t judge me), which is a perfect time for me to write an update post.

At the start of 2016 (how are we nearly at Easter already?!), I read a couple of blogs about organising (and getting control) of your stash; namely these from Paprika Patterns: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. These cried out to the anally retentive/OCD side of my personality and I never know what fabric I have so I decided to use some of the principles that Lisa describes.

Fabric Swatches

So I downloaded the handy template from Sarai’s blog post here and got to work. So far I have pulled apart my fabric stash and measured the fabric, cut a sample to attach to a tag and wrote the details on a tag and also into a spreadsheet. So far I have 88 bits of fabric, and in writing this I have reminded myself that I have another box of fabric hidden away upstairs.

I also put all my PDF patterns in my spreadsheet (I have yet to do the paper patterns but I don’t have many – I tend to prefer PDFs) and created a list of projects which include the fabric and pattern that I will be using and I can also include how much of that fabric I have used per project. This means that I can track how much I have used in a month vs how much I have bought. I am also tracking the costs and trying to scare myself into not buying more fabric…but I think that Lisa’s method of unsubscribing from all fabric shop mailing lists and blog posts would be much more effective!


I am feeling a little bit more in control of the stash now – time will tell if it slows now my fabric buying! I will report back!

I have been doing some sewing as well! I am most of the way through an Anna dress, just waiting for a zip to turn up in the post. That will be my next blog post – hopefully soon!

Right, I am lost now, need to catch up on who might be A this time.

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Battling the Stash”

  1. Groan. I have more, a lot more, than you have. But – it gets used! That’s why I can’t get rid of it. The trick now is to stop adding to the hoard. 😀

    1. Well I’m avoiding going up to find that last box! That would probably add quite a lot! It’s so hard to stop adding isn’t it? So many gorgeous fabrics out there!

      1. There are so many ways to keep adding. For example – two old women from my church passed away (they lived together to share expenses) and they WILLED me their fabric hoards. I’m talking about stuff from the 1940’s and some even older. It was incredible. Bags and bags and boxes and boxes. Some of it I gave to a missionary family with three daughters, some I gave to a local theater group, some I kept and still have! And some went to Salvation Army. And people keep giving me more! LOL

        That’s what I get for teaching sewing for free at my church. The blessings are not just a gentle shower, but more of a tsunami. 😀

  2. Wow, that’s amazing! Well if you aren’t spending a fortune on your fabrics then not such an urgent need to control your stash! Sounds like it will keep you going forever!

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