MMM16 Progress

How’s everyone finding Me Made May? I am pleasantly surprised that I am managing it. I don’t have a lot of me makes as yet; mostly just t-shirts but they are fast becoming my go-to garments.

MMM16 Emmeline T

So the tops I tend to rotate are my Emmeline t, Renfrew with Cowl Neck, Tilly & the Buttons Coco x2, Dolores Batwing top and a Hemlock tee.

Me Made Makes
Me Made Makes

The hemlock tee and a new coco t-shirt were made this month to give me a few more options. The hemlock tee is my absolute favourite!! I love it! It’s a free pattern from Grainline and it’s a one size fits all. Whilst some might have to grade up, others grade down or wear it loose fitting, on me its just right. It’s like it was designed for me! I can see more of these in my t-shirt drawers future!

MMM16 also inspired me to finish off a few jobs. My Dolores batwing top was one of the first tops I ever made and it needed the hem re-doing and the neckline top stitching. After avoiding it for ages I finally got it done and it was very satisfying!

Dolores Batwing Top
Dolores Batwing Top

I also rescued an Emmeline t that I had started but the fabric was too drapery and just didn’t work when you got to the sleeves. I managed to eek a Renfrew out of it; not my finest work but it will get wear.

Rescued renfrews
Rescued renfrews

So the first few weeks have been mostly tops and jeans! Clearly plenty of holes in my wardrobe to fill!!

Are you participating? How is it going so far?

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