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MMM16 Progress

How’s everyone finding Me Made May? I am pleasantly surprised that I am managing it. I don’t have a lot of me makes as yet; mostly just t-shirts but they are fast becoming my go-to garments.

MMM16 Emmeline T

So the tops I tend to rotate are my Emmeline t, Renfrew with Cowl Neck, Tilly & the Buttons Coco x2, Dolores Batwing top and a Hemlock tee.

Me Made Makes
Me Made Makes

The hemlock tee and a new coco t-shirt were made this month to give me a few more options. The hemlock tee is my absolute favourite!! I love it! It’s a free pattern from Grainline and it’s a one size fits all. Whilst some might have to grade up, others grade down or wear it loose fitting, on me its just right. It’s like it was designed for me! I can see more of these in my t-shirt drawers future!

MMM16 also inspired me to finish off a few jobs. My Dolores batwing top was one of the first tops I ever made and it needed the hem re-doing and the neckline top stitching. After avoiding it for ages I finally got it done and it was very satisfying!

Dolores Batwing Top
Dolores Batwing Top

I also rescued an Emmeline t that I had started but the fabric was too drapery and just didn’t work when you got to the sleeves. I managed to eek a Renfrew out of it; not my finest work but it will get wear.

Rescued renfrews
Rescued renfrews

So the first few weeks have been mostly tops and jeans! Clearly plenty of holes in my wardrobe to fill!!

Are you participating? How is it going so far?

Catch up!

Well, it’s been a while! Since my last post in August, I have pretty much been prepping for Christmas! Seriously, starting in August sounds a bit crazy but my mum has moved to Spain and I needed presents etc. to go with her when she took her car over in November, as I would be flying over for Christmas and therefore not able to carry much. That brought everything forward by quite a lot!!

Also, between Christmas prep, we put an offer on a house (didn’t get it :(), decorated our hall, got some new windows fitted, got a new gas fire fitted, got new garden fence panels in and painted, helped with packing up my parents place, both got a promotion, spent a lot of time visiting Darren’s brother in hospital (he’s better now!), and spent Christmas and new year in Spain! I think this explains the lack of blogging!!

So I will not bore you by trying to give details of everything I made over this time, we will just have a quick photo overview! Sorry in advance – these are all camera phone photos.

face (2 of 1)  Advent calendar for my mum using the Purl Soho Pattern/Kit. This was a LOT of hand sewing but I started it early enough that I got to really enjoy it rather than doing my usual panicked/rushed sewing!

My sister and I made hampers as Christmas gifts this year! It was a LOT of work! Each hamper had a selection of Jams, Chutneys, Alcohols, a mini Christmas cake and a mini Christmas pudding, as well as a few sweet things!

Darren and I made a cute coat/jewellery hanger for my sister’s birthday!

face (31 of 1)

I made my first quilt! It was a Christmas present for my great Aunt – only unfinished photos as the moment – sorry! Another Purl Soho make – I love all their projects!

There was making the Christmas Crackers..

then Christmas cakes and puddings.

face (34 of 1)

We finished decorating the second guest bedroom – and made these cool bedside lamps and tables! The tutorial for these can be found here.

face (29 of 1).jpg

The GORGEOUS house that we didn’t get…<sob>.

We changed and re-painted our fence panels!

face (23 of 1)

Christmas decorating!

and some last minute Christmas presents for my cousins!

I spent Christmas with my family in Spain – even then there was no rest as there was still unpacking to be done and some DIY:

face (40 of 1)

We did an Ikea hack to make my mum a badly needed kitchen island!

So a very busy second half of 2015!! It ended on a high though…

face (31 of 7)

Roll on 2016 – I think I’m ready for you!

New bedside cabinets

We have been planning to decorate the main bedroom in our house for ages. It was a horrible two tone brown with a dado rail between the two colours and a disgusting old green carpet. So needless to say, I was dreaming about this months before we started.

I decided to go dark on the bedroom walls after seeing this on pinterest. I loved the blue/grey colour and it went beautifully with the wood. We bought a gorgeous sleigh bed last October, which lay disassembled in our spare bedroom until the room was ready. We also now have a new fitted wardrobe (which took forever and delayed the process an enormous amount). I had also found a lovely ‘tall boy’ (a tall chest of drawers), so all I needed now was the bedside tables and we would have all the furniture for the bedroom.

I began the hunt with the only real proviso being that they had to have drawers to hide all our clutter. Nothing sprang out at me at all until a hunt on pinterest (what would be do without it?) revealed this:

and this:

hodge:podge: Monday, Monday and another Rast Hack

The first picture was a firm favourite but I loved the idea of replacing one drawer with a shelf like in the second picture.

They turned out to be Ikea hacks using a Rast chest of drawers as the skeleton. The Rast looks like this:

RAST Chest of 3 drawers IKEA Made of solid wood, which is a hardwearing and warm natural material.

So using the explanation given by by the charming nest, we made our own!

Bedside Tables-5In the very blurry picture above you can see that originally I painted them a different colour – but it turned out too yellow and I abandoned it for a white.Bedside Tables-4Here you can see my (ahem) intentional mistake! I cut and stuck on the moulding all the way around the edge – but I forgot there would be skirting around the bottom…the bottom bits on both sides of both units had to be pulled off the and sides trimmed down…argh!

After a lot of work (far more than I was expecting) we got there! I love the way they turned out.

Bedside Tables-3

Bedside Tables-2

Bedside Tables-1

We mixed varnishes to try and get the top and the shelf to match the bed as far as possible – I think we did pretty well, though the wood on the bed is obviously of a much higher quality whereas the top of the bedside table is just pine.

You can also see the colour of the walls in these pics, which I was pretty worried would be too dark. It turned out great as well.

We just need to hang a few pictures and the room is complete!