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Holiday blues…

So the weekend of the sewing extravaganza never happened! I nearly finished a Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top but it was looking very clingy and unflattering so I stopped. Then I started a briar t-shirt and stopped because the neckline was all wrong. Then I started another Emmeline tee and just plain ran out of time with that one.
On the plus side I had a lovely holiday! It was only a week and it flew by!! Coming home is always bad, but the first day back at work is done and it wasn’t so bad. Hopefully the rest of the week will fly by!

Not much chance of getting much sewing done this week and I am away in London this weekend, so in the meantime here are some holiday snaps of Porto.
imageThe town hall at Aliados

imageSanto Ildefonso church


Sé Cathedral

imageEscadas de Codeçal from Sé Cathedral down to the bottom walkway of the Don Luís Bridge.

imageEscadas de Codeçal, looking upwards.

imageView of the Don Luís bridge from the steps.

imageThe Ribeira.

imagePort wine tasting at Graham’s…before…


and after….


Fabulous food at my favourite Porto restaurant; Museu d’Avo.

The rest of the time we were on the beach!

Any summer holidays planned? Does anyone else set unachievable sewing for holiday targets?

Flower Power

Yesterday my mum and I went to see three gorgeous gardens. Kenilworth, famous for Robert Dudley’s Kenilworth Castle, is my home-town and where my parents still live. Yesterday was an annual event where several Kenilworth residents open their amazing gardens to the public to raise money for charity.

We just visited three of the gardens, but all of these clearly illustrated their owners’ incredible dedication and hard work…far more than I could ever put into a garden! So today’s post is all about flowers! I was playing with my mum’s camera which has such a lovely lens, the flowers came out brilliantly.

Don’t ask me what any of them are, I can only identify roses and foxgloves. If anyone can enlighten me on what the purple globe ones are, I would love to know as they are fantastic!



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and that’s it for today!