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New bedside cabinets

We have been planning to decorate the main bedroom in our house for ages. It was a horrible two tone brown with a dado rail between the two colours and a disgusting old green carpet. So needless to say, I was dreaming about this months before we started.

I decided to go dark on the bedroom walls after seeing this on pinterest. I loved the blue/grey colour and it went beautifully with the wood. We bought a gorgeous sleigh bed last October, which lay disassembled in our spare bedroom until the room was ready. We also now have a new fitted wardrobe (which took forever and delayed the process an enormous amount). I had also found a lovely ‘tall boy’ (a tall chest of drawers), so all I needed now was the bedside tables and we would have all the furniture for the bedroom.

I began the hunt with the only real proviso being that they had to have drawers to hide all our clutter. Nothing sprang out at me at all until a hunt on pinterest (what would be do without it?) revealed this:

and this:

hodge:podge: Monday, Monday and another Rast Hack

The first picture was a firm favourite but I loved the idea of replacing one drawer with a shelf like in the second picture.

They turned out to be Ikea hacks using a Rast chest of drawers as the skeleton. The Rast looks like this:

RAST Chest of 3 drawers IKEA Made of solid wood, which is a hardwearing and warm natural material.

So using the explanation given by by the charming nest, we made our own!

Bedside Tables-5In the very blurry picture above you can see that originally I painted them a different colour – but it turned out too yellow and I abandoned it for a white.Bedside Tables-4Here you can see my (ahem) intentional mistake! I cut and stuck on the moulding all the way around the edge – but I forgot there would be skirting around the bottom…the bottom bits on both sides of both units had to be pulled off the and sides trimmed down…argh!

After a lot of work (far more than I was expecting) we got there! I love the way they turned out.

Bedside Tables-3

Bedside Tables-2

Bedside Tables-1

We mixed varnishes to try and get the top and the shelf to match the bed as far as possible – I think we did pretty well, though the wood on the bed is obviously of a much higher quality whereas the top of the bedside table is just pine.

You can also see the colour of the walls in these pics, which I was pretty worried would be too dark. It turned out great as well.

We just need to hang a few pictures and the room is complete!